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Plasti-Prints is a wholly owned subsidiary of Plastic-Craft Products, Inc. Plastic-Craft was founded in 1934 by Clyde Robinson in New York City. Originally Clyde machined bakelite and phenolic plastics for industrial uses and during WWII he continued to machine and engrave nameplates for various aircraft and for the US Navy. In 1948 Clyde moved Plastic-Craft to West Nyack, New York, the present location.

The original building encompassing (2,500) square feet has since expanded to 32,000 square feet. Since these humble beginnings, Plastic-Craft, a family run organization, has grown to become an internationally recognized corporation that manufactures and distributes plastic materials, parts, components, and assemblies. They also process materials using thermal and vacuum forming, machining, injection molding, fabrication, and now High-Resolution printing.